Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blackberry 9700 Covers.

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Hello readers! How are you today?
Btw,I'm helping my friend,si budak kecik selling the Blackberry covers.
But it is only for Blackberry 9700.

Here is some colorful Cassette Blackberry covers.
RM20 each.
But if you're interested on buying all the colors,you'll get discount and the total is only RM80.
It means, 5 colors for RM80!

Anyone interested? Just leave a comment :)


Azalia Suhaimi said...

Hey :) I'm interested in these Blackberry covers.

Mine is Blackberry 8900 though. I really like these covers that my positive mind says they can fit a Blackberry 8900 too! Cause their sizes are about the same, no?

Let me know if you or your friends have tried the covers on 8900 and if they don't work well.

Mail me at ?

Thank you :)

syaza said...

HEY. im interested in buying the cover. please get back to me. my email is :) thanks

Fharina said...

erk sorry girls, those covers dah habis and got no stock. sorry :(

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