Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tears from a daughter.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 8:11 PM
Aku tak nak comparekan time bila arwah mak ada dengan sekarang ni arwah mak tak ada dengan kami. It's a big difference you know. Today and now,I really miss you mom. I miss you everyday, every second and every beat of my heart. But, when I'm alone at home,it makes me more sad. I need you ;'( Allah love you more. We are here your family non-stop doakan untuk mak. You're my mother and you're queen of my heart.

I've got a lot of things which keeps playing in my mind,that I want to share with you. But now you're gone and I need to keep it to myself. Mother, I miss you. Sorry, I'm crying a lot today. I'm not strong enough to control this feeling. Sometimes,I just don't believe that you're not here with us.But I know,I should accept this reality and move on with your love.

love from your daughter.


Cik Pija said...

jgn m'tangis sgt.. just bykkn b'doa... semga rohnya sntiasa d'cucuri rahmat.. be strong ok? stiap yg ada tu, pasti akan pergi.. itulah hukum alam... lumrah hdp yg tla d'tentukan olehNYA

Fharina said...

thanks pija.

Benjo Hensem said...

sabar na..
doa anak2 tuk ibu..

am said...

you .be strong okay .
life must go on .yeah .copying from your entry .you should accept this reality and move on with your mum love. sabar byk2 you .doa .semoga Allah letakkan mak bersama orang yang sangat dikasihiNya .bahgia, aman dan damai di sana .amin .

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