Thursday, July 21, 2011

His career life begins,

Bebelan dari NFM pada 3:51 AM
In my previous entry, kan I ada bagitahu yang Apiez dapat offer first job interview kan. So, he passed the first level and proceed to the next level.

Even though dia yang kena interview but aku yang nervous and siap buat wake up call lagi pepagi. I wish him all the best.

and I pray,I pray,I pray and I pray continuously for him.

After habis interview tu,20/07/11 he came to see me and I hope I'll heard the good news from him. He hold my hand and...

the news is,



Syukur Alhamdulilah,terima kasih Ya Allah. Murah rezeki dia. This is his first job interview and dia dapat kerja tu.So, this is where his career life begins with the good company. I proud of him and when he told me about it,I just like WOAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! CONGRAAATTSS! and almost cry. I can see the happiness in his sepet's eyes. This is what he wants and he got it. His happiness is my happiness too. I just want to see him happy because I love his smile and I wish I can see that smile in my entire life.

Congrats again sayang. You did it! Now, you are in the next stage of life. You are no longer in a student life. You have another responsibility. Make your parents proud and make us proud. I'll standing here always for you. Sentiasa doakan yang terbaik.

Me, love you.

p/s : we might not have much time
together but its okay,we can
get through of it :)


Zulfahmi Abidin said...

aku pelik jgk pada mulanyer.igt ko yg keje.^_^ rupenyer dye. happy klu ko happy. #okbai

Salina@IbuAqil said...

Happy 4 both of u.. Insya'allah!! Rezeki dah Allah swt aturkn utk kita.. Tgkatkan usaha!! Dh brtambah tggungjwb dek apiz.. ;)

Fharina said...

fahmi : agak-agak la wei. dah terang-terang aku letak tittle tu HIS! haha.

k.ros : hee thank you :)

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