Saturday, August 15, 2009


Bebelan dari NFM pada 4:20 AM
I didnt attended for the Management Accounting tutorial more than 3 times and if i continued as now,i will be bar. Anyway, i just taking the mid term exam for Management Accounting and i think i cannot go far for this exam but Insyallah i try to score for assignments and final exam. Wish me luck.

I've already got the marks for Financial Accounting and Reporting 1 and its terrible!


syafiq kadir said...

why ponteng la dear!
no more ponteng2 if u wanna be successful student. oke?
u want ur upah or not? better dun ponteng. be good!

iQBaL HaSBuLLaH said...

mau blaja acc. dengan saya ka??
murah ja charge nya..

Fharina said...

fiq : insyaallah.hehe.but smlm and today ryn g kls.hehe.

Iqbal : oh mesti pro acc kn sbb u kje kt audit firm kn? =)

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