Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love exam, its a lie.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 7:28 AM

Hey good morning love! Its 7.30am and I'm here stuck in a library. Sorry tak sempat nak update macam-macam,too busy and hidup ni di library sepanjang masa. Tak cukup tidur,tak cukup makan,tak cukup kasih sayang dan sebagainya. Ewah! HAHA! Thanks to those yang comment kat blog,comment anda semua telah direply.Terima kasih kerana mengambil berat.

Btw, I cant wait final exam ni nak habis. Penat dah sakit otak. Tension Corporate Accounting 1 pun tak habis lagi ni because I think 3 hours is still not enough for Accounting students. I don't have much time to answered all four questions. Study macam nak gila and I think I can do it but sebaliknya yang berlaku. And for the first time in my student life,I cried because of I can't do the questions and I don't have much time,plus I left Question 1 blank. Ohh please jangan gagal! Or I need to extend my degree. Poor me!

Guys,please pray the best of luck for me!
Seriously need it.


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