Thursday, October 9, 2008


Bebelan dari NFM pada 1:15 AM
I felt so bad tonight. Not in a good mood. Terrible. Crying. I just a girl who start with her new life and not even want to think about her past. Please, get me away from it. I tried to be so tough,not as weak as before. I hate it when people starring at me like I'm nothing. My past make me should beware and get what the best thing I could deserve. I appreciate what I have now, my boyfriend and my beloved friends.

Sometimes I keep thinking why I'm so easy to hate someone if she or he did something which might hurt me and my friends. That's all because I do love my friends,my boyfriend,my sister or brothers. I wont let them hurt.

Tonight, I off my handphone, i invi my ym and also msn. Just because I need to be alone. But I talk to someone through ym. Thanks friend. And do something with what I've told you.

To sayang, I'm sorry because I mad at you today. I didn't pick up your phone calls, didn't replied one of your ym. I'm hurt. I'm scared. Even though you just think nothing happens but if I hate something or someone, i hate it forever and I cant control my feelings. You can think whatever you wanna think but deep inside I didn't meant to hurt you,to make you disappointed with me. I love you.


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