Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Like an owl.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 4:41 AM
Its 4.41am and i cant sleep either while my sayang i bet was dreaming indah-indah.
Thats not fair!
Should I kacau-ing him or not?, like crying and say i miss him?
Oh no!He definitely will say,that is so buang tebiat ok!haha.
So,better not.

Farid,Amir,Sayang and me need to wake up early in the morning today to catch a bus and start our travelling.
Is that we call travelling?when you want to bring your bf back to your home to meet your mum?
While Farid and Amir go to Melaka.
I'll see you guys in Melaka then after I have some makan-makan at home.
Oh i miss makanan mak!
Miss Kelly too!

I blurred!
Suggestion please?
Any idea if you just cant sleep like an owl?
Yeah,study is the best idea I have.
But I'd already open the book since at 8pm and I dont even did 1 questions from the textbook.
What I did?
Loco-roco (psp),online,maggi,big apple,sleep.
So how was it?
Its so fucking pemalas am i kan?haha.
So Fharina! Study please!
Or you will regret then.
(ok fharina,i will)


Mohamad Hafiz bin Mohd Anuar said...

patut la tdo lmbat..
nasib snang nk kejut!

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