Friday, August 22, 2008


Bebelan dari NFM pada 2:36 PM
There is someone that annoy me greatly! I don't know why she's been busy body about me.
Imitate my myspace layout but now I've already changed it,how I'm edited my pictures in myspace eventhough I'm not good enough about it,my favourite song and wrote in her myspace's blog that she really adores that band!

Ok I accept that as a coincidence and I let it go. Besides,it seems just a normal cases.
And today i found out that she has created her blogspot in this month and her blogspot tittle is almost similar with mine.
That makes me annoying!
Is that still coincidence??

Before this one of my friend told me, "Anna if she has contact u in myspace or what,just ignore her. She told me that she really wanna be friend with u,want to know u very well and everythings about u. "

Ok I think I know why she acted like that. Is it related with her ex-bf that I had involved before?
Hey please I got my own life now and my boyfriend is superb boyfriend I've ever had.


nbaizurayub said...

hahah sape tu yang.gile busy body kan :P

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