Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love you so sayang ;)

Bebelan dari NFM pada 7:46 AM
From the minute that you got my attention,
I was taken and i have to mention,
I was trying not to let it show,
But i knew that i wasn't gonna let you go

From the way that you came right to me,
Looking all hot with the style that threw me,
No one would've ever known it,
You would be the one who take this heart and hold it

You got that extraordinary way,
Got to be next to ya every single day,
You do something that i cant just explain,
I wanna take a chance and tell you,
You're the one for me

Boy, I love you so,
Just look in my eyes,
They'll tell you where this could go,
Yeah,do you know that?

Boy, I love you so,
Look in these eyes,
They'll tell you where this could go,
I just want you to know'

You can say anything you want to,
No stress cause i understand you,
We got a vibe you cant define,
Want everyone that boy is mine

We wont fight and we stop and stare,
At the way you hold me when you take me there,
At times I feel i lose control,
I forget everyone but the hand i'm holding

Pls know this,I'll always be right here,
And you dont have to look nowhere else,
Dont think for a minute this love will change,
Oh you should know that

Love you so.


amalinazihah said...

ouch.sweet ;)

syafiq said...

nice one.
is it ur own words or a lyric?
i wanna find a girl that could write that for me. heeheee.
tlg carik kan?

raisa said...


Fharina said...

fiq : oh no la. tu lyric love you so,kan dh ade kt bwh tu,ryn ltk.ape la.hehe.

ryn cm fiq jugak sume lirik lgu =p

syafiqkadir said...

ohh! hw wud i knw.
i tot it was part of the lyrics.
tulis la "song title and song by"
then i wud knw.
eh, btw, sape nyanyi? macam best je?

syafiqkadir said...

lyric yg best mesti d post kan?
fiq tulis lyric kt status fb je.

Fharina said...

natalie imbruglia - love you so ;)

hey fiq,x de update pun,kte nk post psl raya,i'm waiting ok!

syafiqkadir said...

haha. kejaplah.
tade byk masa. sibuk ngn open house sane sini. bsok fiq buat okay?
heehee..sorry fr making u waiting..saje je..:P

Fharina said...

haha banyak la sje eh.

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