Friday, June 25, 2010


Bebelan dari NFM pada 4:00 AM

Someday,they will understand.


naz said...


syafiq kadir said...

ape maksud gamba ni wak?

Fharina said...

masing-masing ada pendapat sendiri,so ikut awak la awak nak faham apa :)

syafiq kadir said...

oh..macam tu.
gamba 1st, the couple looks seems pretty happy. and there were 2 ppl standing next to them..i dunno. envy maybe?

but then, in the 2nd picture, the bof left her alone. yet, the same 2 ppl, but only this time, they were like have a different look compare to the previous one.
they like saying something bad to each other.

oh man, i'm so not good at translating picture in to words. :P

Fharina said...

ohh okay. for me,

1st picture tu,the girl ada bf and disebabkan dia de bf dia sggup tgglkan kwn2 dia or her bestfriend demi kerana seorang lelaki.

2nd picture, one day her boyfie left her and dia alone,hilang kwn hilang bf.

conclusion : jgn sesekali kite tgglkn kwn2 kite utk bf/gf.sbb kawan tu penting :)

syafiq kadir said...

ohh..yelah! tak terfikir yang tu. :P
heheheh. tak tak tak. never will.

kena belajar jaga hati semua orang.
susah. tapi kena. :)

Fharina said...

haha apa la awak ni!terer kan saya :P

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