Sunday, December 5, 2010

November babies.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 2:33 AM
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Been busy and quite lazy.hehe.
So,just want to wish these two lovely people,HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!

28th November 2010

Amalina Nazihah

We celebrated Malin's Birthday at Andalus. Seriously meriah gila sebab ada Arab's guys pun tolong nyanyi and jerit-jerit sekali.Tetamu yang tak diundang.HAHA! Muka Malin dah malu dah. Kodel si boyfriend Malin pun lagi la malu siap tunduk je. Ishk boyfriend apa tu tak tolong tutup muka girlfriend?HAHA!

Happy Birthday Darling! I love you!

29th November 2010

Hafiz Anuar

Esoknya pulak birthday si budak gemok buncit hemo-hemo I ni pulak. Erm, I gave him a guitar as his birthday present and I'm sure he'll like it and I know he loves it! No big celebration we had,just a small unplanned celebration for him at Rasta with Waffle and Strawberry + Vanilla ice cream at top and 'lilin blackout' yang besar gedabak tu.Hee. Thanks to Petom,Shak and Zarra (Kodel's cousin). Celebration tu pun after the whole day we hang out together with Jieja,Izz and Med. I bought him a birthday present and he bought me one for my birthday present in advanced because this year I'll not be around beside him to have a date with him on my birthday.

Btw,Happy Birthday Sayang! You know I love you more and more and more and more right? Enjoy your birthday present as I enjoyed mine!hehe. Hopefully with a new guitar,you'll be more success with your music band afterward. I'll pray for you. Good luck for your upcoming performance! Sorry,I cant be there for you but I'll be always in your heart baby!


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