Sunday, September 7, 2008

About my boyfriend.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 11:19 PM
1. What’s his name? Mohd Hafiz bin Mohd Anuar.

2. How long have you been dating? 1 year, 3months, 3weeks.

3. Can you tell him anything? Of course.

4. What’s his favorite color? Red!

5. When is his birthday? 29th November 1988.

6. How old will he be turning? 20 this year.

7. How much do you see each other? Not as often.

8. On a scale of 1-10, How much do you like him? 10/10 for sure! ;)

9. Do you love him? I was stupid if I'm not in love with him!

10. What’s his full name, first/middle/last.
Mohd Hafiz bin Mohd Anuar.

11. Have you ever been to the movies with him? A lot.

12. What movie did you see? Should I list them one by one?

13. Name a memory you shared with him? My precious!

14. Have you met his parents? Only his mother.

15. Has he met your parents? Only my mother.

16. How many siblings does he have? 4 same with mine. ;)

17. Have you kissed him in the rain? He will not let me out if it rain outside.

18. Can he make you in the best mood EVER? Definitely! =)

19. What’s his moms name? Rohani.

20. Is he funny? He always make me laugh!

21. Name his favorite quote? Okay2, boleh2. =p

22. What is his favorite thing to do? Sing a song, playing guitar, sms me! ;)

23. Does he have any pets? Not now.

24. What does he want to name his kids, when he’s older? Never mention it to me.

25. Someone hits you, What does he do? He will try to protect me.

26. Do you hold hands often? Every time we meet.

27. Does he cuss? Erm you guess?

28. Does he have a job? Still student.

29. Do you hug him alot? Every time we meet! Oh i miss him!

30. Does your family like him? Of course! They keep ask me about him ;)


Mohamad Hafiz bin Mohd Anuar said...

i love you sayang..
till the end..
isk..x lama lg jd menantu Encik Mohamad.. :D

Sheerna said...

anna, nak buat jugak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fharina said...

to sayang :
i love you too sayang.
huh ye la tu tapi buang la perasaan takot nk tgur abh i tu.haha.

to shena :
buat la shena.haha.

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