Friday, September 12, 2008

Last day industrial training.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 9:00 PM
Today is my last day doing my industrial training.
I feel excited enough but deep inside I feel sad too.
And today all the staff make me laugh with their jokes.
I'm not strictly hate the department when I say I'm bored.
I just feel bored sometimes when I don't have any work to do.
Before its 4.30pm and half of the staff going back home,they hug me and kiss me,wish me luck and ask the forgiveness and absolutely me too.
For those who don't have my phone number,they ask for it.
I was invited to the "Majlis Berbuka Puasa PERTEK" at Menara Kastam on 18th September.
Chief Bakar and Khairul promise me to taking me out for have a meal after Raya.
For your information, I have been given an award for Excellence Through Quality Training from Puan Raja Normala.
Maybe through the industrial training session, I did finished the works given early and Puan Raja Normala and Tuan Zamri always says that. ;)
I'm gonna miss you guys and I hope I can make it for this 18th.

I went to Bazar Ramadhan with Syafiq Kadir after office hour.
Before that, we went to Masjid Jamek BBU and taking bubur Lambuk.
He recommends me the best puding.
We are not meet up for some years and today I meet him before he continue his study in Australia on February next year before I have a lot work to do and I cant spend my time.

Thanks a lot to my sayang for the permission went out with Syafiq and have faith in me.
*Actually he is my ex-boyfriend.
Seriously I don't feel nice and I think you might be jealous a bit but we didn't do anything wrong.
My heart is all yours!-I love you ;)
I promise I wont do anything which might hurt you ok sayang.


Mohamad Hafiz bin Mohd Anuar said...

x leyh blah sungguh..

Fharina said...

apa yang x leyh blah?

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