Tuesday, January 27, 2009

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Bebelan dari NFM pada 5:18 AM
Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things,facts,habits or goals about u. At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you choose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment to read your blog. You can’t tag person who tagged you.

1. As everybody knows,i loves Apiez,i will love him as much as i can.much much much.
2. Moody
3. Once i really care and love my friends,i would try the best to protect and take care of them ;)
4. I'm the older in my siblings but my mum always said,i like to fight with my youngest brother like i'm the youngest one.haha.
5. Easy to forgive but hard to forget.
6. I like to membebel and merepek until Apiez penat nak layan.haha.
7. Love love love shopping but if i really got enough money la.
8. I loves beach!
9. Sometimes i'm a laziest girl but i can be a hardworking girl.So,treat me nice =p
10. You hurt my feelings? Me with no doubt will directly tell u what i'm not satisfy with.
11. Tak suka dengan lelaki yang berbadan tough and bertubi-tubi,geli wei!
12. Hoping for become ibu muda yang anggun!haha. ;)
13. Cepat merindui Kelly =)
14. I hate a cinta jarak jauh.haha
16. Ingin dibelai dan disayangi.Cewah!

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1- Anne yayang
2- Shena
3- Aboo
4- Farid Kodel
5- Petom
6- Malin
7- Neera
8- Ynaa
9- Raihana
10- Syaznur


Sheerna said...

anna, buang link saye!!plish...plish...

raihana said...

rai kena tag ekh.haha.
u still remember me?
ryna congrat sbb pass final exam laz sem nye.
do ur best k.

Fharina said...

haah la rai,spe lg nme raihana.hehe.
eh ingt la x kn la dh lupe lak,ape la rai ni.hehe.
erm thanks rai ;)

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