Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hayad Showcase.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 11:35 PM

Okay ni I nak update pasal Hayad Showcase on 22nd July 2010,Thursday. There are few band yang perform that night,Quickdraw from KLIUC,H.A.S and Plat Number from MMU. Last performance by Hayad,serious you guys are awesome la Hayad! I dengan Aina kena handle CD Demo Hayad on that night.RM10 per CD and free 1 pin.
Okay here is some photos uploaded by Faiz,the photographer.

First performance by my lovely Plat Number.

I love you guys but the vocalist most!HAHA.
*si jantung hati

*from left, Awan,Izz,Amir,Apiez,Azeeq.

Performance by Quickdraw,

Performance by H.A.S,

Performance by Hayad,

Please support our local band.Cewah!hehe


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