Thursday, January 14, 2010

Promise in the friendship.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 11:26 PM
Promise is never to be broken.
Why is it hard for you to keep the promise?
But you are the one who made the promises.
It is not about intentionally or unintentionally,it is all about promise!
I'm tired of waiting and be patient because it is not for the first time.
It is happens many times.
Should i explain to you?

I am pissed off!

I always be your best listener to all your problems.
I spent my time to listen all your problems even though you give me a call or even a text in a midnight.
But I always here to be with you.
To support u because I am your friend.
I appreciate the friendship.
But it seems hard for you to appreciate it.


syafiq kadir said...

sape yg ryn sdg mention ni? may i know who?

Fharina said...

huish bahata fiq bgth kat sini.
sooner or later i'll tell you ok ;)
fiq knl.

syafiq kadir said...

haha. bahaya?
uwww..i know that person??
haha. sape2?? u better tell me!

Belle Bedazzled said...

aku ke?? takotnyerrr...

Fharina said...

belle : bukan bukan!!!haha

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