Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rindu Double K.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 6:24 AM
Kelly & Keero, i miss you.
A lot.
I know you were miss me because you are crying Photobucket the whole day kan.
I love love love love you sayang.
Wait for me huh.
I'll treat you like a Princess Photobucket and Prince Photobucket of mine ;)
Feel relieved bila dapat 3g with both of you & i know korang sehat.
Its around 3 weeks i left you but dont worry Eqa ada.
Apiez pun datang jenguk sekali-sekala kan.
I'll be back this coming Saturday.
Dont cry a lot because Eqa will marah milkysmile both of you.
If Eqa marah korang, i will rasa sedih.
Because you're my babies ;)
Be patient okay babies.

p/s : maafkan saya di atas bahasa rojak.


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