Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dia merajuk.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 11:49 PM
I am worried about Keero. He's been merajuk with me sangat lama. He wont let me hold him even a second because he might run sekeliling rumah. Sometimes he will answer me once I panggil nama dia and sometimes he's not. Before this,he will come to me when I put my hand down to ask me hold him and now,dia buat bodoh. He will sit next to me when I tepuk-tepuk sebelah I tapi sekarang tak dah.He loves when I comb his hair but now he wont let me touch him. Soon,I will buy something for him as a present to bodek dia.

Keero, I love you. Pls jangan merajuk lama-lama. I'm sorry.


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