Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Perfect Man.

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I've finished my final examination and it is time to spend your time wisely. So,reading is good for everyone :) I had a few novel and you may borrow it if you want. And the latest one is The Perfect Man by Sheila O'Flanagan. So,here is the synopsis :

The Caribbean.
Warm,tropical days. Hot, sultry nights. A luxury liner. It has to be the perfect opportunity for romance. But for sisters Britt and Mia McDonagh it's something else entirely.

Britt is the Aphrodite's guest speaker, on board to talk about her bestselling novel The Perfect Man. She's supposed to be an expert on love,but since the break-up of her ill-fated marriage she's certain that the perfect man is just a myth. It's single mum Mia who believes in soul mates.Still secretly in love with her old fame,she's barely aware of other men, no matter how perfect they might be. As the two very different sisters spend more time together than they have in years,there's a danger that interfering in each other's lives will push them apart for ever. Or can the Caribbean work its magic even on families?

Back home, the last thing wither women expects is to encounter that elusive perfect man at last. Yet the time has come to put the past where it belongs, and finally risk everything to change the future...

Maybe I'll start to read it by tomorrow. So,Goodnight everyone.


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