Thursday, April 8, 2010

6 pictures of heartbeats of mine.

Bebelan dari NFM pada 7:40 AM

Ni lepas Lucky operation.

Lucky jelir lidah :p

Keero si daddy yang sangat gedik.

Luna si color Luna.

Lucky seputih dinding.

Loopy jelir lidah jugak :)

Pretty mom,Kelly with his son Loopy.

Loopy mintak restu dari Mama Kelly.Oh comelnya!


Momma and daughter.


Louie and Loopy tengah fikir-fikir nak keluar ke tak.

Btw,those pictures tu is picture sekarang except after Lucky's operation tu.
Itu time dia umur 6hari.
These is for tontonan si Anonymous and all the beloved readers :)
Enjoy it.

Love, Fharina Mohamad.


Anonymous said...

ryna, ouh a big thx lah kat you, siap mention untuk I lg. hehe.
btw, u such a great nanny lah ryna, dgn anak2 u and cucu u.
I suka Lucky, she's very special.

Fharina said...

no big deal ;)
kan plus,she's very pretty :)

Seri said...

this is one of the reason why i love cats! because they are so CUTE!!! nice pictures u got there :). bile nak tambah 'family'? hehe.

Fharina said...

woah!i baru dpt family bru ni.biar bg stabil.kite tmbh lagi!haha.

Seri said...

fharina, i link ur blog to mine eh? hope u don't mind :)

Fharina said...

eh sila-sila seri. i okay je.lagi i,i link your blog jugak k :)

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