Monday, April 12, 2010


Bebelan dari NFM pada 4:35 AM
Thank you to Jieja because she bought for me Nasi Ayam Penyet from Malacca. Seriously, i am craving for it! Thank you my darling angel :) I spent my whole weekend with my family and Insyaallah next week will be the same.

My final exam is just around a corner but lately,I've been busy with all the assignments. Far 2,MA1 and Spanish done.2 left,Auditing and Taxation. British Council class will start on this coming Wednesday,6-15pm till 7.45pm. Then,need to rush back to Cyberjaya for TAKE 4. Cant wait for it!

Btw,I've got a heavy headache.I'm going to sleep now. Goodnight ;)


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