Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spanish,Ipod,Plate Number,

Bebelan dari NFM pada 3:57 AM
Last class Spanish sangat cool! The group in 6pm-8pm combine with group from 4pm-6pm. Mr Joel buat sikit revision for final exam and got listening quiz. The quiz went smoothly and I guess I get all correct because after that, he did discussed the questions. Habis quiz tu, ada performance from 3 Iranian young man, I just thought they are from Iran. Yang bestnya one of the songs is Indonesian song, Lelaki Cadangan! Can you just imagine,Iranian speak and sing Indonesian song? Oh how cute! They did playing guitar. Best gila okay! One of the 3 young man adalah fav Ezza! Minat gila dia dengan mamat tu.haha.Habis tu, Mr Joel and the 3 young man menari-nari sambil bukak lagu dekat YouTube. Gelek sana gelek sini. While others busy amik gambar. You know what, I just teringat yang time tu macam habis Spm.Everybody was happy! I'm gonna miss those moments. Btw, I nak upload pictures but pictures yang ada dalam handphone I blur la. Later if I dapat pictures from classmates, I upload okay.

Hati I tak senang duduk ni sebab I tak jumpa Ipod Touch I lagi. I'm planning to buy another Ipod Touch guna duit sendiri because I'm not going to tell Daddy yang Ipod Touch tu dah hilang sebab itu my birthday present last year. Shhh.. Dont tell my Daddy.

Sayang I dapat offer untuk perform nanti with his band,Plate Number. But dorang nak demo. So,by end of this month,demo itu akan siap. Sayang, I will support you sentiasa kalau tu buat you happy :) So,goodluck!


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fharinaaa. shud be u upload sume pic haa. hahaha. nnt mau letak video yg ija amik tuh lah kt dlm blog..=)

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